Striking (Kickboxing, Boxing, Clinch, full MMA)

This is an excellent full body workout while learning how to defend yourself.

Practical, functional martial arts kept simple and practical so it can be learnt in the shortest time possible. Learn to defend and attack.



The science of boxing - using your body to generate as much power as possible by simple mechanics.

Mauy Thai

The most powerful kicks in martial arts. Incorporating knee strikes and elbow strikes in close range.


Controlling an opponent in close quarter combat from wrestling (Greco Roman and Freestyle)

Our classes are designed to get you to full MMA through a progressive system that breaks down the different styles that make up MMA, allowing you to grasp the techniques individually before combining them all together.

Classes include – physical training, plyometrics, push-ups, stomach exercises, cardio based – lots of movement, bag-work to develop explosive power. Working with a partner to develop skills, focus footwork, defend and attack skills.
Become Fighting Fit! Get toned, lean & sharp.
All classes are conducted in a relaxed, controlled environment where an athlete can take it to the level that they feel comfortable in.
Have Fun!



This is a very important stage.
This is where you learn all the basics of punching, kicking and defending.
This is where you will lay down a solid foundation on which you will build your MMA game.
You will also develop the fitness and conditioning required.


Here is where we begin to put it all together.
Develop and expand on the techniques.
Learning how to apply them in a way that works for you through sparring.
We will improve defence and learn to counterattack (the pinnacle of fighting skills).
We also take clinch fighting to the next level, using wrestling for better control of your opponent.
Also adding more striking and submissions from the clinch using Muay Thai an Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


In this class we are going to full MMA fighting.
That means combining Brazilian jiu-jitsu with striking, i.e ground and pound.
How to defend and attack on the ground. As well as defend take-downs and putting you in a potition to strike, i.e sprawl and brawl.
Take your striking skills to the next level, getting into allot more detail, fine-tuning your game.
At this point you will be very competent and well rounded.

Fee structure

One style - striking or grappling

R1100Monthly fee

Membership fee applies

Two styles - striking & grappling

R1300Monthly fee

Membership fee applies

* The annual membership fee is R250

We also do one-on-one classes. Contact us for rates